Erasmus+ student experiences
Sightseeing in Croatia is like falling in love at first sight. I have visited most of the islands, bigger cities, mountains in the past, but apparently, I have never had a chance to explore Istria. That’s why I decided to choose Pula as a city for my Erasmus+ program. Before the whole Coronavirus situation began, I had an excellent opportunity to visit most of the Istria, it was easy because back then I didn’t have any lessons, so I could focus of fulfilling my dreams and sightseeing. I am the one who is constantly on the run, I was never the one who spent holidays only sunbathing. Because of that in three weeks since I came to Pula, I was able to witness extraordinary places, landscapes, eat tasty dishes. I wanted to go back to that time and simply write some kind of a guide, but also include my personal memories, opinions and recommendations. So, here we go.